Welcome to my business page and portfolio of my grooming adventures.
Thank you so much for your interest! Currently my schedule is booked 5 weeks out for home grooming services and veterinary office services. If you wish to book an appointment, I strongly encourage you to book well before your pet is due for grooming. Due to high demand, it is also recommended to pre book the remainder of the year to ensure you an appointment sooner rather than later. Please stay patient as inquiries may take two to three business days to respond. I thank you for all your support and look forward to meeting you and your beloved pets.
Xoxo, Ashley



Baths are essential to removing undercoat and grime. They are also the foundation for a smooth, polished groom.

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All haircuts are performed after a full service bath has taken place. It is important in pets with longer hair to cut the fur in order to maintain coat health and prevent matting and impacted undercoat.

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 Add Ons

Add on services range in specialty shampoos and conditioners, paw balm, nail grinding, tooth brushing, fur color and more! Dare to stand out? 😉

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