Pet Grooming Services

Grooming Services

Full service baths include bathing, nail trimming and ears being cleaned.

Full service grooms include bathing, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and a complete haircut.

Bath & Trim
Full service bath that include nail trimming, ears being cleaned and light trimming such as paws, face, leg feathers, etc.

Additional Services

The Works - $18
Your choice of a luxury shampoo and conditioner with nail grinding or tooth brushing.

Luxury Shampoo / Conditioner - $7 each
Nail Grinding/With Groom - $25/$5 additional
Nail Clip- $25+ house call services/ $20 vet clinic services
*Price may vary dependent upon location for house call nail trims*
Tooth Brushing
- $10
Paw Balm
- $5
Dog Hair Dye
- Contact for information
Nail Pawlish
- $12
Paw Balm & Nail Pawlish Combo
- $15
Brightening Facial Shampoo
- $5

Spa Package - $22
Includes custom shampoo, conditioner, nail grinding, tooth brushing, and paw balm or nail pawlish.

De-Shed Treatment - $10-$30
Includes specialty de-shed shampoo, conditioner, complete blow out and a specialized brush to aid in the removal of dead/loose undercoat.
*Price determined by amount of undercoat*

Flea Treatment- $20
All natural flea shampoo followed up with a conditioner.
*Please contact for more information*

Excessive amounts of matting? - Call or fill out questionaire for pricing.

*Please note that I will NOT spend lengths of time de-matting any dog solely for looks. I believe in humanity over vanity. Safety and comfort are my number one goals when it comes to effectively dematting a dog. Appointments for matted pets (depending upon severity) will be asked to book an appointment through the veterinary clinic to ensure safety and comfort*